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Aspirations Training C.C. accredited Microsoft Office training Provider since 2011.

Accredited by MICT SETA (Accreditation no. 2012/07/914).

Training courses suitable for anyone wanting to improve their computer skills, or learn to use a computer. Training from Beginners to Advanced in

MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint.

MICT SETA accredited and registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, these courses are aligned to the SAQA Unit Standards on the NQF. Upon submission of your assessment, will receive a nationally recognized certificate.

This course is a pre-course to our Microstoft Office training courses. This course is not intended as a stand alone course to teach computer use. This course will give you the basics of computer use if you are a total beginner, pior to taking the MS Office courses in Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint Beginners.

This course is for:

  • job seekers
  • office workers
  • professionals
  • corporate / company training groups

This course will teach you:

  • the windows screen
  • the desktop
  • the start menu
  • opening a document
  • typing in a document
  • saving a document
  • highlighting text for editing and formatting
  • cut, copy & paste
  • printing a document

This course will enable you to easily complete any of the Beginners MS Office courses, if you are a complete beginner to computer us, by familiarizing you with a personal computer and its functions.

This pre-course manual, should be downloaded and read, instructions and exercises can be followed for practice. Once you have read this manual and familiarized yourself with the functions, you can proceed with bebinners courses in Microsoft Office.

Please view our website for more details, email us to receive an invoice in order to enroll and make payment:

This pre-course is a manual which you will download, print and read. By reading the theory, and following the exercises, you will be able to begin the Microsoft Office courses.

Please email us for an invoice in order to make payment.

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Introduction to Computers

Getting Started for the Total Beginner

Assessment and Accredited Certificate is included in all our Microsoft Office courses

When you complete our Microsoft Office courses, will be required to submit an assessment. A registered Assessor will give you personal feedback prior to you receiving your nationally recognized certificate.

As this module is a pre-course, which is not intended to be a stand alone course, but rather as orientation for the complete beginner, this course carries no assessment or certificate.

Once you have completed this orientation, you may proceed with the Microsoft Office courses in order to receive certification.